ISEAGE: The Competition Before the Competition

On Feb 2 and 3, teams from all over the Midwest joined in ISEAGE, a cyber defense competition hosted by Iowa State University, one of many computer defense competitions that Iowa State offers. ISEAGE involves 16 teams from various colleges, all of which battle vigorous tests and trials to see whose defense is supreme.

According to the event’s website, “the purpose of [ISEAGE] is to provide students with a simulation of real-life experiences in Information Assurance for education. Students play the role of the Blue Team, or Information Assurance community, under fire from the Red Team, simulating the attackers of a network. The White Team oversees the competition, judging (and scoring) each Blue Team based upon Red and Green Team reports received. The Green Team plays the role of general network users, and the strain they place upon ensuring security within a network.”

DSU had two teams go down to Ames to compete, placing 6th and 7th in the overall judging. Cyber Operations student Kyle Kaplan, a member of the team, Tr0j4nr4bb17, said that, “you always learn something…I would suggest participating in competitions if you’re involved in any [computer science] major.” Kaplan and his team, as well as many other students in DSU are looking forward to future events.

Some of this is in efforts to prepare for the Regional qualifier at Dakotacon, which will be held Mar 23 to 25. More information will come when Dakotacon gets closer, but the winning team at the qualifier will then move on to Nationals which will be held in San Antonio, Texas.

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