January’s Jesters

With the Spring Semester now in full swing, the DSU Student Activities Board brought in back to back comedians to come and entertain the students.

First up, Adam Grabowski performed January 14 in the TC Underground to a packed house. Grabowski made his triumphant return to DSU after being the youngest person ever to win Comic of the Year in 2013. His show consisted of fake graphs, pictures of weird things he has seen on his travels, and sharing the hidden meanings he has found in Disney movies and old kid’s shows.  He poked fun at The Little Mermaid in particular.  Lamented about how inappropriate some of its perceived hidden meanings actually are.  His unofficial catchphrase from the night came from his Mermaid rant. He stated, “I got Whozits & Whatzits Galore” (poking fun at the sexual undertones).

A week later students were treated to a double header of comedians. DSU Student Activities Board brought in Eric O’Shae and Peter Garland.

Garland opened for O’Shae receiving a mixed reactions.  Garland was moderately funny, but many of his jokes didn’t land with the DSU crowd.  While not everyone connected with his high energy style of humor, Garland did succeed in getting everyone relaxed and ready for the headliner.

Eric O’Shae on the other hand brought down the house. The Underground was filled with laughter for the next hour. The self-described “Bob Saget look-alike” poked fun at a number of different topics.  Some of the highlights from Eric’s show included a spot on Elmo voice, impressions of kids pouting, and songs that companies should use in their commercials.  The crowd about cried when O’Shea proposed that the song “You Raise Me Up” should be used in Viagra commercials.  O’Shea was hilarious and hopefully he returns to DSU.

Each of the comedians had a great back and forth with the audience. On both the nights, the comedians performed in the TC Underground to a packed house.

With Frost Bytes week just around the corner, the students of DSU have a lot to look forward too.

Too see more from Adam and Eric check out their websites below: