Job Hunting Mid-COVID

Despite recent circumstances, companies ARE still hiring and FAST Enterprises has not slowed down their hiring efforts!

As one of 41 employers attending attended the Virtual Career Fair, FAST Enterprises have generously offered some helpful tips for potential applicants attending the event. During their October 12th presentation, FAST recruiter Nikki Borstad mapped out how to stand out from the crowd and build a relationship with potential employers during the fair.

The most important thing to keep in mind when navigating the career fair is to recognize what hasn’t changed in the transition to an online forum and understand how to make a good impression:

Employer Expectations

Recruiters are the same online and in-person, and thus their expectations haven’t changed. Potential applicants are expected to dress properly, be engaged in meetings, and most importantly act professionally.

Ask Questions

The easiest way to get the attention of the recruiters is to ask for information. Doing so proves not only are you paying attention, but you also have an active interest in the company giving you an edge over the competition.

Sell Yourself

In an admissions setting, humility is valuable however, selling yourself is your number one priority! Prop yourself up on a pedestal and prove you stand above the rest of the competition by showcasing every relevant skill and reference you have.

With the knowledge of how to attract the attention of employers under your belt, it is time to sign up for your virtual meetings! But where to start? Borstad emphasized the importance of making a list of 10 potential companies to apply. She details six key research questions to keep in mind when on the job hunt:

  1. What majors do they hire?
  2. Do they offer full/part-time internships?
  3. What positions are currently open?
  4. Where is their head office located?
  5. Are they asking you to relocate?
  6. Do you have the skills required?

Once you have researched the companies you wish to get in contact with, congratulations, you are now ready to meet with your potential employers! Log-in to your Handshake and begin registering for meetings. It is necessary to take keep in mind these tips on how to participate in your 1:1 sessions with the recruiter.

Arrive on Time

Being late to a meeting you registered for is not only highly unprofessional, but it shows employers you are not reliable. To guarantee your punctuality, be sure to have a buffer time between meetings. This small amount of time allows for outside influences to minimize its impact on your schedule.

Keep it Brief

Preparation is key to a smooth interview, and even more so when time is a factor. Have all your points prepared beforehand and keep your points simple and clean. If an employer wants you to elaborate, they will ask. Being concise in your presentation frees up time for questions and other inquiries for both you and the employer, opening up an opportunity to have open dialogue before your time comes to an end. 

Have Your Resume on Hand

Having a .pdf of your resume available to send the employer is a guaranteed way to have it looked over in person. With the proof of your experience on hand, it will make it easier for them to determine if you would be a good fit for a position, as well as forming questions of their own to ask you. 

Once you have completed your meetings, your job isn’t over yet. What you do afterward is just as important as the prep work you did beforehand. May employers will ask you to apply online afterward, so it is critical to note down their instructions. The follow-up is just as pertinent as the initial meeting. From beginning to end, contact is key, and keeping that chain of communication is crucial when it comes to the success of your application.

While these meetings may seem intimidating, by following these steps to success, you will be able to find the right path for your career. Now, what are you waiting for? Work is out there!

More information and assistance from FAST can be found via the above sources.

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