Karaoke Night

This past Thursday, DSU Live and the Students Activities Board held an open karaoke night for students in the TC Underground. 60 to 80 students came out to put their musical talents on display. Less adventurous students came out to just have a good time and enjoy the show.

Not wanting to step out into the spotlight, the evening started off on a slow note with most students hiding in their shells.  One brave student got things started by singing back to back country songs.  Otherwise, no one else was ready to get up on stage.

This was until one male student came up and did an enthusiastic rendition of Kelly Clarkston’s “1,000 Miles.” While his singing wouldn’t win any contest, his enthusiasm and the audience’s interaction helped everyone loosen up and get the party started.

During the 90 minute music fest, students were treated to numerous renditions of songs. The set list included various country songs, “Don’t Stop Believing,” “Concrete Angel,” “Stacey’s Mom,” “F*** You,” “White Wedding,” and even Sir Mix-a-lots “Baby Got Back.”  Everyone sang their hearts out and gave it their best shot.

Overall, the evening proved to be a good stress reliever for students as the semester winds down.

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