KDSU and CEO Halloween Party Lives Up to Promises

On the night of October 27, there was music, dancing, and costumes in the Trojan Center Underground. It sounds like any Halloween party ever. The only difference is this one was held by KDSU and CEO, who helped the party get crazier and crazier as the night went on.

KDSU President. Trent Steen

President of KDSU, Trent Steen, did a nice job of DJ-ing until DJ Kor got there, and then the party got really pumpin’. 

“DJ Kor is a DJ from Sioux Falls who runs Pinnacle Productions. The previous president of KDSU was friends with him and trained with him; we’ve been in touch ever since, and most of the DJs we get for our dances are from his company,” Steen told us.

There was a stage that was set up for the DJ and some speakers. It even ended up being used for dancing and (unfortunately) some slight stripping. The guys on stage decided to lead the dancing, which was cool for those of us who can’t dance, (*cough* me *cough*).

For the first dance of the year, it was extremely busy. It was packed enough that almost everyone there was pressed together, forced to touch someone else in some form or another. For those of us in the world who are claustrophobic, it was a pretty rough place to be.

Steen, however, was excited about the turnout. “​Our turnout was absolutely amazing–we typically get a couple dozen people before 10pm and then a lot more after that, but right from the get-go there was a giant crowd of probably 100 people, and over the course of the next couple hours the party only got crazier and crazier.”

Almost half of the people there were dressed up for Halloween, and it was pretty fantastic. Steen, who was dressed as Mario, definitely noticed the other costumes, mentioning that, “aside from all the cute scantily-clad girls… there was one dude with the most badass Jon Snow costume I’ve ever seen.” The Jon Snow he speaks of was student, Tre Stoterau who sometimes wears the costume when he DMs for DnD.

A costume contest was held after the main event of the dance with cash prizes. Unfortunately, a lot of people started leaving around 11 p.m. Steen was upset about this,  saying, “a lot of people left before midnight, which sucks for them since they didn’t get to participate in the costume contest, for which we’re giving away $100 to each winner…!”

Overall, the dance was a success, and I’m probably not the only one who hopes that there will be other dances to look forward to. 

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