KDSU’s New Podcast Series About “Everything and Nothing”

Everyone knows KDSU as the music club that throws awesome parties, (thanks, Trent), but now they’re trying something new that hasn’t been done by any club on campus before.

The secretary of KDSU, Amani Kegode, along with some newer members, Braden Burns, Jared Keene, and Lance Guthmiller meet a few times a week to make podcasts.

Keene told us his idea of what the podcasts would be, “it’s about discovering, okay? You can’t put a label on what this podcast is; we don’t even know what it is yet. It is everything and nothing… But it’s actually something, we have our first episode out so it’s not nothing.”

The podcasts have a wide range of ideas, as Keene tells us, “this last week we talked about Disney and the Disney machine, and what many people talk about as the monopolization of entertainment…”

There were many more topics discussed in the podcast. If interested, search ‘KDSU Radio Show’ on Google or YouTube. Although the video had not been posted at the time of this interview, it should, hopefully, be up soon.

For those of you who don’t know, KDSU is actually a radio show that, unfortunately, lost its booth during on-campus construction but should soon start up again soon.

President of the club, Trace Beethe, pronounced beethee, tells us, “We don’t have a solid due date on [when the radio show will start] yet, but my head of IT has been working on it. He has the most knowledge of it, and he’s made quite a bit of progress on it. Our hope is definitely the end of the semester, if not the quarter.”

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