Kingsman: A Lesson in Manners

In a time where it seems movies have to be extraordinary in every way to receive attention, it is refreshing to see a movie that is solid. Though not exceptional in any particular way, Kingsman is an enjoyable film that finds its place nicely in a well-established genre of spy movies. It simultaneously borrows elements from existing spy movies while adding enough new content to be good in its own right.

The story of Kingsman is about a young man, named Eggsy, who finds his himself in the world of fashionable gentlemen spies who work for no government. He struggles to prove himself worthy to be part of their ranks. During this time, a new threat rises in the form of a man bent on solving global warming through extreme measures. While the plot is not anything world changing, it does a good job of featuring global warming without coming across as preaching in any way.

Kingsman feels like a combination of several spy movies: the elegance of a bond film, action of the Borne movies, humor from Austin Powers and a few unique elements of its own. Perhaps my favorite of these more original elements was the villain. Played by Samuel L Jackson, he is not the usual suave womanizing fellow bent on global domination. He’s merely an unconventional man who is trying to do what he thinks is right. Jackson does a fantastic job with his role, and so do several other actors. Colin Firth in particular has a stand out performance as the grand spy Harry Hart.

Aside from the writing and acting, the action sequences are fun to watch and easy to understand. Many action movies make so many jumps and effects, that they can be disorienting and cause confusion. The editing and cinematography in Kingsmen, however, create interesting fights that are well complemented by choreography and music. The whole soundtrack is truly fantastic.

If there is one part of the movie that was lacking, it would be the special effects. There are several times when explosions, severed limbs and even more serious injuries occur. These effects are not particularly bad, but they are noticeable when compared with how excellent the rest of the movie is.

I would say that Kingsman: The Secret Service is a must see movie. If not in theaters, than on Netflix or rental when available. It is a fun film that has made its mark on an old genre. Do not expect Kingsmen to be similar to other spy movies, as it’s not that kind of movie.

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