Magic Appears for Homecoming 2011

Dan Crisler

In what was a busy Monday night, along with the crowning of the Homecoming king and queen, DSU students had the opportunity to watch magician Norman Ng’s act.
Ng (pronounced Eng, as in English) wowed students with unique magic tricks that deviated from the standard tricks such as pulling a rabbit out of a hat and sawing a person in half.

Ng started the show off on a high note when he displayed a trick by turning five blank pieces of paper into $100 bills. The show never staggered from there, as Ng frequently involved audience members in his act.

Ng before he makes a bowling ball appear from thin-air! Photograph by Tiffany Sommer

Some of Ng’s most impressive tricks involved producing a bowling ball from seemingly nowhere and having an audience member guessing the correct card that they presumably did not see. Perhaps his most impressive trick involved taking an audience member’s cell phone, stuffing it into a bag, and proceeding to smash all the bags with a baseball bat while he kept the cell phone safely hidden away.
As to why Ng was consistently impressive throughout the hour the show lasted, his official fan site ( gives several reasons why. He first started performing nationally over 17 years ago, giving him plenty of time to hone his craft. Apparently others have recognized Ng’s ability, as he has won the coveted Teenan’s Magic Academy’s first place medal. He has also performed in such venues as the Magic Castle in San Francisco, a very prestigious place in magician society.
By the time the show ended, it was clear that Ng had started off Homecoming week with a bang. Now it is time to showcase the other events that will be happening throughout the week.


Photographs are taken by Trojan Time Photographer: Tiffany Sommer.

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