Make a Game in Two Days! Global Game Jam 2014

University-wide consumption of caffeine is predicted to go up by 3000% as DSU students prepare for Global Game Jam, an international event that challenges teams of students to create a video game in 48 hours based around a theme.

The Game Jam, which beings today at 5pm in East Hall, encourages students to team up with their peers, seniors and juniors, around a video-game idea that appeals to them.

But the best part is that participants don’t have to necessarily be part of the Game Design Major!  Programmers, Audio Majors, Artists, Writers, and even Networking savants – every student has the potential to contribute to the game development cycle!

“Participants make new friends while acquiring experience in intensive teamwork, creativity, and project development”, game design professor, Dr. Jeff Howard says about the event, “Global Game Jam is free and open to the public.”

So if you are interested in game development or if you just love playing video games a lot, be sure to head on down to East Hall and witness wonders being made!

The theme will be officially announced today, Friday the 24th of January, at 5pm in East Hall Auditorium. Be There.