Martin Performs Magic at the Playhouse

Just like last year (and possibly the years prior), the Student Activities Board kicked off another Homecoming week with a busy Monday night at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse. As always, the evening began with the crowning of the Homecoming king and queen and ended with a magical act.

Magician Daniel Martin got the nod this year when he performed on Monday night in the Playhouse auditorium. Billed as one of the top magician acts in the country, Martin has been featured on many television media outlets such as CBS, NBC, and ESPN.

Martin performed some of the usual magician fare with his tricks, including guessing what playing card a person drew. Martin also performed the usual mind reading tricks with audience participants. Some of his tricks featured a spin on a familiar formula, such as taking an audience member’s ring and placing it on his key chain discreetly.

Martin did display some interesting tricks of his own. These included being shot in the hand by a paintball gun at close range and cleverly inserting theme words (such as Dr, Pepper) that appeared throughout the show. He also showed the ability to encase a cell phone in a balloon.

Martin, who appeared to be in his late 20s or so, shared that he has been practicing magic since he was six thanks to his grandparents. His grandparents began sending him magic kits that contained recorded instructions to perform featured tricks. Many years later, his grandparents still continue the practice today.
Martin ended the night by showing his episode of MTV Cribs, where several elements from his live act came into play.

As is common with professional magicians, Martin incorporated some stand-up comedy elements into his act. He proved to be an insult comic, berating several audience members during his performance. This proved to be popular with many, but not all.

Disappearing Act- Martin (center) uses two participants for his mind-reading routine and his variation of the disappearing act.

Photos by Tiffany Sommer

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