Last Thursday, CRU sponsored an event at the playhouse that was one part magic show, one part personal speaker. The show featured Jim Munroe and his MAZE act, which featured heavy involvement from the audience as well. Many volunteers were called up onto the stage, usually rewarded by being given Swiss chocolate. He used unique ways to choose his volunteers as well, prominently with a stuffed bear which would be tossed around the room to determine the next person involved in the show. After several acts of the show in which he alluded to the meaning of life, he openly discussed his personal faith and gave a short break before continuing. He gave attendees the chance to leave if they wanted, telling them that after the break he would share his own personal story. After he came back, he shared his struggles with cancer, religion, and faith. He discussed the conclusions he came to as a result of his experience and how it changed his view on religion and he became a Christian. He then went on to discuss that life is a maze and that he started his MAZE act as a way to discuss what life is really about. He also announced MAZE groups, which are discussion groups being started around the country, and said that anyone could contact CRU to be a part of such a group. He ended by saying the while the tricks and acts of the show were all just that—tricks and acts—the story he shared was true. Those interested further in his story or act can find more information


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