Motivation for Time Management

On Nov 19, DSU’s Phi Beta Lambda club hosted Dakotah Jordan from Northwestern Mutual to give a presentation about time management personalities. She covered what the time management personalities are, determining what time management personality each person has, and making the best use of that personality.

“We had a goal this year of having more professional development activities,” shared president of PBL Lindsey Vogl, “its something that is important for everyone.” Northwestern Mutual, a financial company based out of Milwaukee, MI, has been active at DSU in the past and reached out about bringing the time management talk to campus this semester.

The 16 student, faculty, and staff attendees were given a worksheet to fill in and follow along as Jordan discussed tips for managing time more effectively, including identifying the MIT (most important task) at hand, rising early, scheduling focus work time, and being intentional about taking action in daunting tasks. She also shared some personal tips she has discovered over the years.

 Attendees left with challenges they were enthusiastic to embrace. One student, AJ Schoenfelder, observed that when he gets up early and begins his day with a workout, he has the energy to accomplish so much more throughout the morning. A major takeaway for DSU junior Jacia Christensen was overcoming procrastination at the beginning of a project by letting go of the need for perfectionism.” I just need to, like, go for it,” she realized.

The presentation was an ample opportunity for people at DSU to grow in their time management skills, which not only impacts their professional lives, but their personal lives as well.