Names and Games Behind Nanocon

Nanocon is in full swing. However, many students are not even aware of what it really is, including myself. I sought out two student members of the NPC (Nanocon Planning Committee), Rachel Groth and Luther Johnson for my insight into what Nanocon really is. Here is what they had to say…


Leading up to Nanocon, the Nanocon Planning Committee (NPC) has weekly meetings to plan out everything that goes into the con. Gaming Club does a lot of networking to get as many different people and clubs involved as possible.
At Nanocon, a student can expect a lot of activity and a lot of fun. Since Nanocon is primarily a gaming convention, the majority of events consist of our favorite board games and video games, as well as some new ones to try. Some of the other events include:
IDIG – Technically a separate event, IDIG runs on Wednesday and Thursday where speakers in the Game Design field and with skills relevant to Game Design are invited to come to DSU and give talks. This year, our speakers are Toiya Finley and Alyssa Menez!
Paint and Take – A station where you can paint miniature models for free and take them with you.
Artist’s Alley – Other DSU Students and alumni from the community sell their art and creations.
Roleplaying – There are several D&D events, some of which are officially sanctioned Adventurer’s League events.
Live-Action Roleplaying – Society in Shadow runs a LaRP event during the entire weekend.
Vendors – We have several vendors who set up booths at Nanocon. This year, our vendors are Dragon’s Den, Silver Gryphon, Flashbax, ACME, as well as a booth from DSU’S Bookstore. Concessions – We will be selling food, snacks, and soda at the con, so gamers don’t have to go anywhere to get their caffeine fix!
Charity Raffle – Drama Club helps us out by hosting a raffle at the con – gamers can buy tickets to win art and nerdy items. All of the money earned from the raffle is donated towards Child’s Play.
Check back soon to see what they had to say about how Nanocon went this weekend!

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