Nanocon XI/IDiG

Nanocon, a free gaming convention, is this weekend (Nov. 8-10) at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse. We have many great games to play, as well as amazing speakers at the speaker portion, called IDiG (the Workshop on Integrated Design in Games). Here is our schedule., and here are the speaker bios Please join us for fun, games, and learning.

This year’s IDiG theme is Games Across Media. Any and all students and faculty are welcome at IDiG to hear developers who have worked at Bethesda, Turbine, Red Storm/Ubisoft, MIT, USC, Wizards of the Coast, and TSR.

Specifically, our keynote speakers this year are:

Ken Rolston

Lead designer of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, as well as visionary on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and current Turbine employee. Veteran tabletop designer since 1982, including titles such as Runequest and Paranoia.

Richard Dansky

Senior Clancy Writer for Red Storm Studios/Ubisoft and long-time designer for White Wolf, focusing especially on Wraith: The Oblivion.

Geoffrey Long

World-renowned expert on transmedia storytelling, now the Technical Director and Research Fellow at the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab. Formerly of the Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab and Microsoft.

Matt Forbeck

Accomplished game and narrative designer whose credits include collectible card games, roleplaying games, miniatures games, and board games. He has written short fiction, comic books, and novels for the companies Wizards of the Coast, Games Workshop, TSR, Decipher, White Wolf, Pinnacle, Green Ronin, AEG, Reaper Miniatures, Image Comics, WildStorm Productions, Idea + Design Works.

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