National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week at DSU

Oct 21-25 was National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week. The DSU Counseling Center collaborated with DSU Res Life to plan activities that Lead Counselor Nicole Bowen said: “aimed to bring attention to the serious public health issues posed by excessive drinking among college students.”

“We believe in creating a welcoming environment that values diversity and inclusion, encourages intellectual and emotional growth, and fosters social learning and development,” shared Bowen. Hosting events for National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week is a part of the Counseling Center’s goal to “provide a system of resources aimed at promoting student persistence, retention and academic success through proving access to a continuum of mental health and alcohol and other drug services.”

The week’s activities included Alcohol Jeopardy, Free Walk-In Alcohol Screenings, a Speakeasy Event, and a #MakeSmartChoices Pledge.

“Feedback on the activities has been positive and students have been open to learning more,” added Bowen. Many of the events were held in the TC during day time hours so students could stop by as they went to and from classes.

Bowen recommended the Campus Well app to anyone wanting to stay educated on not only alcohol but all things wellness.

If you are concerned about yourself or a friend, please contact the Counseling Center at 605-256-5121 or

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