New Tricks at DSU: Submit Your Own Work to be Published!

Upon its release this April, DSU’s literary magazine, New Tricks, will be turning 26 years old. Submissions for this year’s edition are now open. If students, faculty, or alumni would like to submit any work to be considered (Further guidelines can be found on the New Tricks website), please contact with the piece attached as well as a short biography, name included.   

                Although DSU has had iterations of a literary magazine since 1971: first The Experiment and then Posey, the first issue of New Tricks was released in 1992. Although starting out inconsistent in its releases, the magazine has been on an annual schedule since 2010 with the help of Dr. Nelson’s Publications for New Media class and the English honor society, Sigma Tau Delta. Although New Tricks is growing older, it is still evolving and has gained a variety of ‘new tricks’ over the years. In fact, simply calling it a literary magazine no longer gives it justice.

                Even in its inception, New Tricks was not simply just a container for poetry and prose, but also art, and later photography. With the edition of a website in 2011 as well as the traditional print copy, New Tricks gained the ability to display even more artistic formats and better showcase the many different talents that DSU has to offer. As mentioned previously, New Tricks now publishes new media formats as well such as videography and animation. Although this dog’s snout may be getting grey, it keeps learning more every year, providing an excellent way to showcase the evolving classes and degrees at our college.

                If interested in submitting, be sure to do so before the deadline, March 17. Accepted submissions will be published on the New Tricks website as well as in print if applicable, and archived as a part of New Tricks and DSU history. New Tricks is an official publication and can be used as a professional example when applying for any future careers. The work of students, faculty, and alumni is also a great way to display what DSU offers in the form of courses as well as the talent it contains. Submissions can be personal works or those that have been made during courses on campus. So what are waiting for? Go ahead and create something new or start looking back through your old projects. It doesn’t hurt to submit. It may even benefit you.

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