New Tricks Party: Food, Presentations, and Raffles, Oh My!

“The New Tricks party was a great culmination of traditional and contemporary literature and art.” 

The New Tricks magazine publication was published and presented on Thurs, Apr 19. Editor in Chief, Jesse Woodward, started out the presentation with a speech thanking everyone who worked on the publication, Dr. Nelson, and anyone who submitted stories to New Tricks

Junior Samantha Algood began her presentation by reading her prose titled, “Announcement.” The short story is about how college is considered your final years, the last chapter of your life before you become a real adult that has to interact with society. 


Altogether, there were five presenters:

Junior Samantha Algood with her short story, “Announcement” 

Sophomore Rachel Bruntz with her short story, “Pink Nail Polish” 

Sophomore Tori Martin with her poem, “Universal Time” 

Junior Obatola Layiwola with his pieces, Remedy and MWTF

Professor Joe Ren with the cover art, “A Word From Home” 


After the presentations, there was a raffle for everyone to be a part of. Participants were able to win movies, books, posters, and a mug from Sigma Tau Delta. Sophomore Drew Concha even won a 10 foot by 15 foot Deadpool poster! 

The presenters were in a separate raffle and Layiwola won a gift card for $25 in Trojan gold. 


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