film festival poster

            This year, at the tail end of October, the DSU Film Club held its Film Festival. Students were able to submit short films to be watched and enjoyed by others in the club.

I was able to sit down with the president of the film club, Tate Mohlenkamp. First, I ask him questions about the event. I asked him about the film club as a whole and what activities they do. Tate said, that the club obviously makes films, but beyond that, they set up livestreams for DSU and work with other clubs on any videos they need help with. When it comes to Tate’s overall involvement in the Film Club as the president, he is the person that oversees operations, comes up with ideas, and helps make decisions for the club.

Tate described the October 29th Film Festival as a night to showcase short films created during the last semester by film majors and other students.

The deadline for submissions was October 29th. The final decision has not yet been made on date and location for the actual festival, but Tate thinks it will be around November 20th.

This is the third film festival put on by the film club. It has grown quite substantially since the first one. When it comes to the number of film submissions, Tate said he is guessing around 10 total films. These films tend to be short, less than 15 minutes. The genre can vary but they are mostly documentaries with some skits. The club will most likely see some horror themed submissions with the events proximity to Halloween.

Finally, I asked Tate how he would like to see the club change or grow. Tate said he enjoys where the club is at and how it is currently structured but he would like to be able to do more projects outside of campus.

If you would like to learn more about the film club here at DSU feel free to join their discord: