Opinion: Advertising The Maze

On Nov 2 at Dakota Prairie Playhouse at 7 pm, the Maze came to give us the show of a lifetime… with a little bit of Jesus mixed in too.

So what is the Maze? Does anybody really know; do we ever figure it out? Sure, there were sidewalks littered with the phrase, but the only explanation we got was that you should go to the Dakota Prairie Playhouse. That’s informative.

But I have to give Cru some credit. They really went all out with advertising for the Maze. There were pamphlets on every table in the TC, something about it written everywhere you walked on the sidewalk outside, on whiteboards in classrooms, and even a pumpkin wasted with the word “MAZE”.

Senior Keegan Struble was bombarded in the bathroom, of all places, by a Cru member. “I was washing my hands when he came in and asked me if I had heard of the Maze, and when I told him yes, he asked me if I wanted a pamphlet anyway at least three times before giving up. I feel like the bathroom isn’t really the best place for solicitation.”

Goodness guys, take a chill pill. How many times do people have to know about the Maze before you finally get the hint that we really don’t want to hear about it anymore?

One thought on “Opinion: Advertising The Maze

  1. It was aggressive and unnecessary. The signs were fine and I was mildly interested but the pamphlets in the bathroom and the chalk outside completely turned me off.

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