Recap of DSU’s Win Against Jamestown

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Dakota State University, for the second time in a row, has won the NSAA Men’s Basketball Postseason Tournament. The final score was 79 to 65, with DSU never once falling behind the Jimmies in …

Indian Chef spices up DSU life

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Trojans acquired a taste for the exotic this Tuesday as Sodexo’s International Chef brought a small sampling of the Subcontinent to DSU’s Midwestern palate. Led by Chef Karl Benjamin from India, the Sodexo team pulled …

Keeping Up With Current Events at DSU

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By: Nelofar Sultan Is it only me or does everybody check their Facebook or Twitter first thing in the morning? I find myself restless unless I check my news feed early in the morning. …

Break-ups in college

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February may be the time of love for some. Flowers, chocolates and teddy bears are flying off the shelves. It forces people to realize just how in love they are. But for others, February …

Weezer and Panic! at the Disco coming to SD

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Fans of the bands Weezer and or Panic! At The Disco, may have already been overjoyed to discover that both of them are coming to South Dakota on tour this summer. Whether you haven’t …

Average Joe: Sweet Valentine

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By Joe Swanson  

Can you make a game in 48 hours? Global Game Jam is almost here!

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Get your design cap on Trojans, Global Game Jam is right around the corner! Kicking off this Friday, GGJ is a worldwide events where professionals and amateurs alike band together to celebrate game development …

Preparing for the Scary Real World

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Everything is new and dazzling. The cafeteria food is 10x better than high school, your closet is packed full of new DSU gear, and your dorm room looks like it came straight out of …