Darren Korb: Bastion’s musical maestro mesmerizes DSU students

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With its unique blend of narrative, art-style and sound design, Supergiant Game’s first title, Bastion, provides a gaming experience unlike any other. None if it would have been possible without teamwork says Darren Korb, …

Nanocon XII – A Review

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November 7th through the 9th saw DSU hosting one of the largest gaming conventions in the state of South Dakota, Nanocon. For twelve years, the Gaming Club has hosted this convention, bringing speakers from …

Video Game University: Thankful

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By Chris Leonhardt


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Last Thursday, CRU sponsored an event at the playhouse that was one part magic show, one part personal speaker. The show featured Jim Munroe and his MAZE act, which featured heavy involvement from the …

Don’t Shoot The Messenger: Narrow Escape

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Turtle 14 Yes, yes, okay, Turtle is telling you things out of order. I’m sorry. But if you want to know what’s happening to Turtle in order, the events he’s chronicling are suddenly messed …

Awkward Moments with Awkward Lisa #5

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By Breanne Butters

Behind the Scenes with Kelly MacLeod

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By Kayla Janssen Kelly MacLeod, who has quite a bit of patience, leads a busy life. She teaches several classes, like speech, theater, and screen writing, on campus at DSU. When she was asked …

Don’t Shoot The Messenger: It Doesn’t Matter

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Messenger 12: It Doesn’t Matter When I entered Caper’s apartment, Poe was sitting at the table, a cup of tea in front of her. “Good to see you, Messenger.” “Good to see you too. …

Gallery: DSU Basketball vs Dordt 2014

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On Tuesday, November 4th, the DSU men’s basketball team took on Dordt College at the Fieldhouse. DSU would go on to lose the close game 90-85. [Show slideshow] 12►  

Gallery: Open Mic Night

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