Gallery: Volleyball DSU vs College of St. Mary

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Awkward Moments with Awkward Lisa #4

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By Breanne Butters

DSU Gives Extra Life

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This weekend, Einstein Bagels was host to DSU students working together to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network in Sioux Falls. The way they raised their money was not the standard way however, …

Don’t Shoot The Messenger: Therapy

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Messenger 11: Therapy When the cab finally arrived at the address Caper had given, I was surprised to see that it was a familiar location. “I thought we were going to see the therapist,” …

Scare Gallery: Haunted House 2014

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Help us put together a virtual scare gallery! If you have any pictures from the Haunted House, please email them to [Show slideshow]

Trojan Rhymes: Selfish Lover

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Selfish Lover By Ashley Geditz   You stare at me with your half-open eyes And then your half-interested lips Ask me “what do you think love is?” Knowing you only half-care and knowing that …

DSU Career Fair 2014

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Recently, DSU hosted a career fair for students at Dakota State. The fair brought in businesses from all across the Midwest, and even some from across the country. The main goal of the event …

Video Game University: Halloween Issue

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By Chris Leonhardt

Don’t Shoot The Messenger: Assets

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Messenger 10: Assets Caper showed up at my door the other evening, dressed in a dark jacket with a black backpack slung over one shoulder, looking uncharacteristically solemn. “You ready to go?” he asked. …

Trojan Rhymes: (Untitled)

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(Untitled) By Stacey Berry then i see the dead bird blur the concrete turning underground under feet when his eyes reflect mine the soft specks swamped in gold to shift and shake souls as …