PBL Impacts Madison Community

Dan Crisler

If you have noticed any improvements in the morale of the Dakota State students and the Madison citizens this semester, you can thank the one of DSU’s business clubs, Phi Beta Lambda (PBL).

Throughout the semester, PBL has organized a number of activities appealing both to the DSU students and the Madison residents.

Appealing to the tight budgets of college students, PBL and the Computer Club combined to hold $1 Movie Night early in the semester at the West Twin Theatre. This served as a way to ease students back into the flow of the school year and allowed them one last opportunity to view a summer movie cheaply.

Then, when fall came and the trees lost their leaves, PBL enlisted other DSU organizations and students to participate in the community service project, Raking for Leaves. Here, students contributed to the greater good of Madison by clearing the leaves from yards and other property.

For their winter event, PBL has a booth set up at the December 10 Madison Community Day with Santa. As PBL President Alexz Smith describes, “PBL members will help young children make an arts and craft project- snowman candy bag.”

To raise money, PBL has hosted a fundraiser at Pizza Ranch. PBL has also raised money for other organizations too. For this semester, they raised money for March of Dimes Jail and Bail. As Smith elaborated, this fundraiser “raised over $6000 for research and awareness of premature babies.”

PBL will provide more information on the spring semester’s events as they become finalized.