Phi Beta Lambda Spring Leadership Conference

Earlier this month, DSU PBL sent 11 members to compete in the 68th annual Iowa PBL Spring Leadership Conference held at Upper Iowa University in Fayette, Iowa.  In addition, three members competed online.

In total, 12 of the 14 participating members placed in the top five in at least one of their events.  DSU PBL racked in a total of 28 awards in 26 categories ranging from computer concepts, networking design, marketing concepts, statistical analysis, and business communications. Most of the events were completed prior to the conference but a few members had to compete/present at the conference.

DSU was honored to win 1st place in Chapter of the Year (thanks to all the hard work the members have done this year), total points for the events, and completion of two Chapter Events.  This was the first time DSU has ever won Chapter of the Year since joining Iowa PBL in 2008-2009.  DSU also knocked off Upper Iowa University who had won the Chapter of the Year every year since 2007.  The victory was even sweeter since UIU was hosting the conference.

DSU also won the Iowa PBL 14 in 14 challenge.  This award was given to the school that increased their club membership by 14% in 2014.  DSU won the Highest Percentage of Member Increase for the year.  DSU PBL had 13 returning members and saw 6 new member join this year.

The weekend wasn’t just about competitions.  Friday night, the students were treated to a wonderful keynote speaker who emphasized recognizing your own emotional intelligence and also an ‘Amazing Race’ social competition between the Universities.  Saturday morning, students took part in a number of workshops including resume building, March of Dimes, job searching, and self-branding. Friday night there was an ‘Amazing Race’ social competition between the Universities.

It was great to see all the hard work members put into the club all year long.  One hopes that DSU will continue to have a strong presence in Iowa PBL and show them what South Dakota can really do.

Rigoberto Aguirre – 1st Computer Concepts, 1st Networking Concepts, 1st Network Design (T)

Chris Beadles – 1st Hospitality Management, 4th Entrepreneurship

Andrew Behrens – 1st Networking Design (T), 1st Help Desk, 3rd Information Management

Emily Blackwelder – 2nd Business Communications

Kelly Brusven – 2nd Computer Concepts, 5th Statistical Analysis

Tyler Erickson – 3rd Impromptu Speaking, 5th Economic Analysis

Craig Marquis – 1st Cyber Security, 4th Computer Applications

Megan Pifer – 2nd Local Annual Chapter Business Report (C.)

Maegen Putnam – 2nd Accounting Principles, 5th Marketing Concepts

Amanda Rajdl – 1st Statistical Analysis, 2nd Word Processing, 3rd Cost Accounting

Andrew Van Demark – 1st Integrated Marketing Campaign (T), 1st Community Service Project (C.), 4th Business Communications

Austin Vogt – 1st Integrated Marketing Campaign (T), 2nd Sports Management &Marketing

Other – 1st Chapter of the Year, 1st Largest Percentage Increase in Local Chapter Membership