Poetry Slam 2014

It was a battle of minds, of creativity, of words, and of poetry. The DSU English club, with support from DSU Live, held the third annual Poetry Slam on Wednesday, November 12 at 7 pm in the TC Underground. It was a battle between students and teachers with the winners getting the mighty prize of William the Poet Gorilla and his Medal of Poets. On the student team, the competitors were Lina Love, Shane Whidby, Dillon Dwyer and Andrew Koerner. For the faculty team, the competitors were Stacey Berry, John Nelson, Mary Francis and Susan Conover.

The battle was fierce and hard. Students and teachers both reciting poetry inspired by their lives and the experiences they have had throughout the years. A great amount of laughter was generated by a few of the poems that described the antics of the past and funny experiences that the poets had been through. Many of the poems were about love, relationships, parties, college life, baseball and so much more. With powerful imagery and execution that made the words all the more powerful, the poems were both at times funny and endearing. The competition was a hard fought battle through two rounds of poems. The first round saw the professors win with a 9.46 and the students with an 8.99. After a five minute break, the second round started up and saw the faculty score a 9.58 and the students a 9.25. With a slight lead both rounds, the faculty were the champions of the third annual Poetry Slam.

With a packed TC Underground, it was an excellent night for fans of poetry. A sizeable amount of people came out to support and listen to the deeply felt words channeling through the Poets. So, if you love poetry, you should keep a look out for the next Poetry Slam or Open Mic held by DSU’s English and Live clubs.