Raptoberfest Review

Although it did not draw as many students as DSU Live had hoped, the Raptoberfest concert was a great success with every performance doing incredibly well, each rapper interacting with the crowd and keeping them pumped. There were some technical difficulties when Elevated Rebellion was getting ready to perform, but it was a quick, easy fix. In between rappers, there was a dancer as well as DSU’s own D.J. Redlin who performed his first ever song.  

D.J. explained his experience performing at the show, saying, “DSU Live has worked hard on planning out the Raptoberfest event, and as a statement on how we have worked hard to make this club better and more improved, they wanted to have a member do something as a part of this event. I’m an avid hip-hop fan, I have been since I was young. I’ve been writing since I was in middle school and I have never had the chance to attempt to launch into anything seriously (musically), so being able to rap one of my oldest verses was kind of a milestone. I was able to do a freestyle verse that I wrote in like 2011 or 2012! It was a great experience and it went very fast. I thought I didn’t suck which is good enough for me.” He then went on to share how he thought Raptoberfest went; “I thought that [Raptoberfest] went very well. We had a few changes in our show itinerary, so we had to recruit a new artist like a week or even sooner before our show date. We had to roll with the punches for sure. We set up the show’s sound the night before. The funny part about live sound is that there will always be something that goes wrong during a show. During Elevated Rebellion’s set, we had an aux cable that played music fail! Quite lucky!”

Click through the gallery below to see photos from the performances at Raptoberfest:

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