S.A.V.E. Yourself: DSU’s Active Shooter Training

On January 23rd and 24th at 3 PM and 7
PM active shooter training lessons took place in the auditorium of the Tunheim
Classroom Building. These lessons were taught by Chad Sheehan, a law
enforcement veteran of 23 years. The course was orchestrated and brought to
campus by the safety resource officer on campus, Heath Abraham.

In the past there have been active shooter training conferences for the professional staff on campus. Sheehan has been teaching his course to a variety of schools and various professions. In total he has taught approximately 250,000 people.

The lesson focused mainly on self-preservation and survival during
an active shooter event. There were four key components to the program. The
S.A.V.E. yourself acronym stands for: survive a violent encounter. This is
broken down further into four steps: shelter, awareness, violence stops
violence, and evacuate. The main goal within an active shooter incident is to
avoid becoming an easy target which will help with staying alive.

The key to survival: make yourself harder for the active
shooter to access and hit. This can be done by finding shelter, somewhere the
shooter cannot easily access. Being aware of your surroundings. If confronted
by the shooter make it harder for them to hit you. Lastly, evacuate and get
away from the shooter by whatever means necessary. There was also mention of
breaking the Hollywood shooting troupe within the lesson, most of the steps
above fit the real life scenarios of the troupes.

When questioned over the possibility of having further
training on the DSU campus Officer Abraham stated, “If students give good
feedback on this, and advocate for more training and awareness then that will

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