SAB Hosts Comedian to Start Semester with Smiles

On Aug 26, DSU Student Activities Board started the semester’s events off on a funny note: comedian Subhah Agarwal. Agarwal took the stage in the TC Underground for close to an hour, sharing stories and jokes about her life growing up in a conservative Indian household, working various odd jobs, and dating “crazy” men.

Agarwal opened by asking some audience members what they are studying. She quickly caught on to the tech trend at DSU, though one voice claimed digital art as their major. Speaking for the small art student representation at DSU, she mimicked, “no, I’m studying the arts, include me!”

Throughout the show, she continued to pick on individuals from the crowd. Darrin Dutcher, a first-year student at DSU, commented, “Her interaction with the audience was great!” He added, “she’s interactive and relatable.”

Another trend in Agarwal’s show was stories about the racism she suffered. She recollected that she grew up in a somewhat racist neighborhood, and as she walked home from school one day, a man yelled at her to go back to where she came from. “I didn’t know what racism was yet, so I just thought he was telling me to go home, I just thought I had a hype man,” she exclaimed, “I was like, ‘yeah, I’m on my way!'” She went on, “He would say, ‘Learn English!’ and I’d be coming from school like, ‘I’m working on it!'” Agarwal brought lighthearted and personal humor to DSU’s campus life that the audience embraced. For many students in attendance, her show was the first live event they attended at DSU, and it made a good impression. Dutcher and his fellow freshmen Shrijeet Mishra and Max Davis agreed that it would be great to have more comedians come to DSU.

Photos by Hunter DeMeyer

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