SD’s biggest gaming convention returns to Madison – NANOCON XII (7th – 9th November, 2014)

South Dakota’s largest student-run gaming convention returns to Madison this weekend as Nanocon XII kicks off!

With over a hundred gaming events, famous speakers and a plethora of vendors – the Dakota Prairie Playhouse is all set to turn into the ultimate gamer’s heaven from the 7th through the 9th of this month. Led and managed almost exclusively by DSU’s Gaming Club, the Convention is dedicated to providing quality gaming experiences to all attendees.

From board games to live action role playing and from Dungeons and Dragons to Video Games – if you love anything with the word ‘game’ in it, Nanocon is definitely the place for you!
For those more interested in the Design side of gaming, NANOCON is also home to IDiG (Integrated Design in Gaming), a series of workshops and keynote speeches arranged by faculty and renowned guest speakers. You will be hard pressed to find a better hands-on Game Development seminar anywhere in state!

Game Audio is the theme of IDiG this year and special guest speakers include Darren Korb, Audio Director and Composer behind the sonorously splendid Bastion and Transistor, and Matt Weise the musical genius responsible for Fantasia: Music Evolved. Other speakers include David Boffa, Chris Sims and DSU’s own Professors Nate Edwards, Jeff Howard and Sandra Champion.
Game Design and Audio Production Majors should make good use of this opportunity to hobnob with some of these big names from their respective industries. And even if you are not a Game or Audio Major it never hurts to socialize with someone with an award winning album under their belt.

Aside from the IDiG workshops, Nanocon also hosts the Society in Shadows Live Action Roleplaying Game, an ideal opportunity to indulge everyone’s inner dark wizard fantasies.
Finally, the Game Design Juniors and Seniors will be showcasing and play-testing their games throughout the weekend. So if you want to have an active role in shaping the core-experience of a video game through minimal effort, be sure to come and test these never-before-seen game titles!

So head on down to Nanocon this weekend! Even if you are not a huge gaming fan, you are still guaranteed a unique, unforgettable experience. The doors of the Prairie Playhouse open to welcome convention attendees from 5:00 pm this Friday.

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