Slam Poetry Competition This Thursday Night

The following article may or may not have been written as a political favor to the DSU English Club and their faculty overlords.

As a relative new club seeking to establish a tradition, the DSU English Club will host their second poetry slam competition this Thursday night at 7 P.M. in the Trojan Center Underground.

For those unfamiliar with slam poetry, it is probably best described as poetry that is delivered in an “in your face” style. To elaborate, it might be best (if maybe not entirely accurate) to think of slam poetry as similar to rap music without the actual music part playing in the background.

If you’re still not clear, check out the random slam poetry YouTube video we grabbed:

As far as what to expect Thursday night, students and faculty will be competing against each other to see who is the best at delivering a poem in the sassiest and outlandish way possible (among other factors).

Winners will receive gift certificates to local restaurants, which include Stadium Sports Grill and others yet to be determined.

So if you have nothing to do Thursday night, come on down to the Underground.

Featured photo: That’s Jake Ritzman competing in the first poetry slam last April. He won the thing and not only received the grand prize, but he gets to call himself the first DSU poetry slam champion.

Featured photo taken by Tiffany Sommer.

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