Steven Brundage: The Magic of Rubik’s Cubes (And A Surprise!)

Steven Brundage, a street magician from the east coast came to DSU on Monday, Feb 12. Brundage, known for his Rubik’s Cube magic, enjoyed laughing with the DSU audience while he captivated everyone with his impressive sleight of hand and 

memory tricks. Though there was one thing I think most notable about his magical performance, he made sure to let us know that none of it was magic, which made the show even better.

Brundage proved trick after trick that he was capable of insane sleight of hand feats, including both Rubik’s cube and card tricks. At one point, Brundage even solved a Rubik’s Cube with a one-handed toss behind his back.

Aside from inadvertently making our jaws drop to the floor, Brundage also made us laugh with his casual and seemingly impromptu stage set. You could tell that he was thoroughly enjoying his time making quirky jokes and getting laughed at, (although, sometimes by accident), in the light.

The audience enjoyed the show as well, particularly with his on-the-spot dirty jokes, and his weird habit of flirting with his numerous on-stage female assistants.

Toward the end of the show, Brundage decided to do something a little different than what he usually does, when he reluctantly put a string and seven razors in his mouth for the finale to his show. This trick, despite having huge success with the strong-stomached, caused quite an uproar as those with anxiety were forced to look away in horror as the audience counted aloud every time he inserted another blade into his mouth.

Logan Frey, a junior Cyber Ops major sat in the audience with one of his friends who didn’t enjoy the trick nearly as much as he did, “my homegirl, Tori, was flipping hella shit while this guy was shoving [razor] blades down his throat”.

Overall, the show was wonderful, even if one didn’t believe in, or shunned any magical inclination. I believe that they would be entertained in watching.





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