Super Bowl LII (Patriots Take An L)

Some might say Super Bowl LII is one of the biggest upsets in NFL history when the Philadelphia Eagles ripped the tying record of “Most Super Bowl Wins” from the New England Patriots’ grasp on Sunday, Feb 4. The Eagles’ shattered the dreams of all Patriots fans after losing their 11th Super Bowl appearance, making the Patriots’ overall record 5 and 5 in The Super Bowl. The Eagles, pulling through for their first win in the league, won

with 41 points to the Patriots’ 33 points.

Although the Pat’s have had the most appearances in the Super Bowl, this year was supposed to be special; If they had won, they would have been tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for “Most Wins in Super Bowl History”. Alas, The Eagles took home the trophy when Eagles’ Quarterback, Nick Foles, traditionally told reporters that he was “Going to Disney World.”

Here at DSU, we partake in the grand festivities of The Super Bowl and all the Super Bowl Doritos Commercial glory with a party thrown through the collective work of the hall councils. The Super Bowl Party was host to many DSU students, (who may or may not have been there just to get free wings) because unfortunately most of the participants in this weekend’s Super Bowl Bash left before the fat lady sang, (or Justin Timberlake, whoever came first).


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