person giving out candy

World Languages Club was started in 2018 by Racquel Meyer, the current president, and other students who believed DSU was lacking in the language courses available on campus. With a majority of courses only offered online, the community came together and formed the group as we see it today. World Languages Club holds general meetings once every two weeks to discuss club resources and events. Individual groups focused on specific languages schedule meetings based on when everyone is available, working together to find time to study a language of interest amongst friends. Along with providing resources for students looking to expand their vocabulary, Word Language Club holds events where they give out homemade foreign foods for the students across campus. This year, due to the Coronavirus, the club took a different approach, passing out prepackaged candies.

           Meyer gave extra insight into the snacks being provided, along with their region of origin. Starting south of the border were Latin American candies purchased from Mi Casa Latina Mexican Store in Sioux Falles Candy such as Pulparindo is a spicy and salty treat made with tamarind and chili flavoring mixed with mango, giving it a distinctly Mexican flavor. Similarly, a sweet pineapple-flavored lollipop with a spicy coating of chili powder was up for grabs. These hot and fruity flavors are popular in Mexico and other Latin countries. Traveling to Eastern Europe, courtesy of Beryozka Grocery, we have several Ukrainian confectionaries. One of the most notable treats was Fizzy Booom! A cola-flavored candy with popping powder in the center. Along with the popping candies, a selection of sweet pistachio chocolates and salty duchess caramels were offered. Along with experimental candies, such as the popping cola candy, the rich European chocolates are made with more cream and higher fat content to create the perfect blend of chocolate. 

Variety of foreign candies

Last but not least, the Eastern Asian treats acquired at Mekong Asian Market were extra exotic compared to the western palate. Many of the flavors of hard candy were unique to their country of origin. The red ginseng tea candies represented Korea, coffee cream candy from Thailand, and litchi proudly serving Chinese flavors. Outside of hard candies, one unique addition to the table was the sugar-free Japanese rice crackers, with a salty subtle flavor. In the end, the World Languages Club puts a lot of effort into bringing international cultures to Madison and introducing new flavors to this modest midwestern college town. Being introduced to new cultures through their food gives a significant peak out of this landlocked bubble to a world far beyond its borders.