The Beauty of French Culture and Film

Marie-Pierre Baggett an intriguing woman originally from Auvergne, France, came to DSU Friday, Feb 23. She’s a professor at SDSU and spoke about the memory of World War II in France, as well as the language, gender, and ethnicity in the French-speaking world.

Her first main points were around famous film festivals in France, these film festival events mentioned made the audience have a glimpse as to the culture and how the French treat film as a huge importance. She also showed the audience the gorgeous sightings of where these events take place.





Annecy International Animated Film Festival:

This is a film festival that takes in June, takes place in Annecy, France and has more than 200 selections of films!

Some other famous film festivals in France:

  • De Cannes
  • Deauville – American

For her last main topic and conclusion, she had presented some wonderful famous French Cinema and Animation films, ones that have made history in French culture, but definitely in ours as well, giving us a lot of films she recommended to watch ourselves.

After learning about all these cool films, instead of leaving us empty-handed, in closing, she put on Phantom Boy and watched it with us. What a great treat and occasion!

Throughout this, we all got to try some delicious French cuisine and got a great snack during the movie!

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