William Henry Harrison Beadle

The Diary of General Beadle: Part 4

The relevance of the entries seems to diminish as they go on. I’ve collected a few snippets from the next (maybe 50) pages. The dates that do appear start to jump around. It seems that he went through spells of writing as much as he could in a short amount of time and then would wait for months or years to start up again.

Here are just a few that had relevance:

(Date Unknown)

 I am beginning to think that they know. Some of my students are aware of the Old Ones. I know not how to speak with them about it. When even my own wife denies me…

 They must wonder… how I led men in battle. If I am at such a loss when I attempt to discuss this with them… It is pride, I should think… holding me back…

 The next section of significance contained a date:

January 7th, 1907

 What land have I uncovered? The Dakotas contain territory aplenty! Such horror! That my school shall be built upon grounds that they hold sacred. I would not be haunted by so many Devils, had I lead life elsewhere… I am certain… though, perhaps Devils is not the proper term… yet they curse me… nothing of this Earth could raise up such…

 Characteristic scratches blot out the words before:

These rotted Caves of old… black Magick…

 And that’s all we were able to extract from that entry. The last selection of consequence was as follows:

To my bed side, I take with weapons… I feel now that I must protect myself from the nightmares. Even yet, I am little afflicted… the path before me is of God… my men stand at attention in wait of the word… I believe it will come tomorrow. For this reason, I do not succumb to Sleep.

 I wonder if the “men” he’s referring to were the soldiers who worked under him in the war? I don’t believe the General was still commanding them, but he’s convinced they are behind him 100%. Why he thinks he needs them is beyond my understanding… Hopefully, further investigation will help us to find out.

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