The Ghost of Beadle Hall

Beadle hall is a beautiful building full of history. For many its more than just a place they take their classes, it’s a building full of memories. However, there is something spooky about being in the building after hours. Whether it be the noises you hear above you, or maybe it’s just the overall presence you feel, there is something just not quite right.  According to many, the ghost is just a myth but after talking to Professor Tom Jones, many would beg to differ.

Professor Jones has conducted Ghost Hunts in the past where many interesting things happened in Beadle Hall. Between the unexplainable orbs of light, the voices and sounds that they heard, and even magnetic interference, it seems there must be something in the building. During the video of their experiences while on the Ghost Hunt, various students and staff spoke of their experiences. Having things fly off the wall, doors being locked, strange smells, and cold areas. Whether you’re a believer or maybe still a skeptic, there is plenty of evidence to prove that something strange is in Beadle. Check out the series of clips below which includes some of the most compelling evidence from the DSU Ghost Hunters: Mission Beadle Hall video, courtesy of Professor Tom Jones.

In order, this selection of clips includes: magnetic interference as seen on a compass, an unexplained orb, movement captured on film, medium/physic interaction with the spirit, communication with an EMF reader, an interview with Dr. Kari Forbe-Boyte, former student Kayla Maude, and Professor Jones.


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