The New Space Club at DSU

Last semester, a new club was launched on DSU’s campus. Dr. Maloney, the Assistant Professor of Physics, began the Space Club as a way to get students more interested in space, rocketry, data analytics, and astronomy.

Anna Fields, president of the club, sees Space Club as a great resource for students in classes such as astronomy and physics, but she emphasizes that it exists for much more than that. “Any time you mention star gazing or rockets, people are immediately interested and want to learn more,” she shares, “Even people who aren’t really into ‘science’ still have fun looking at the planets and stars, or blowing things up.”

The activities the club hosts vary greatly. “Since our first meeting last fall, we have put on roughly 5 star parties, ranging from meteor showers to International Observe the Moon Night,” Fields continues, “We have also had a few movie nights, when the weather was too bad for us to go out stargazing…we have star parties planned for the first and third Tuesdays of each month from 8:30-10:00 pm.”

The club has exciting plans for the future as well. In April, the club hopes to launch model rockets. There is also talk about projects related to high power rocketry, data analytics, drone experiments, and robotics. Overall, the club is simply a place for students to explore their interests in an open and fun environment. “Space Club is a great way for students of all majors to connect and geek out about the things they’re passionate about,” Anna concludes, “Whether that’s star gazing, rockets, sci-fi, lunar photography, or anything in between, there’s something for almost everyone.”