The Snow is… Still Falling

Last Friday, Madison had the biggest snowfall this winter, causing school and other events to close.  Many weather sources had different amounts of snow that fell in total. These totals ranged from four to fourteen inches of snow throughout Southeast South Dakota.

During the snow fall, many people were struggling to get out
of the parking lot with their cars even with some help. The police were quite
helpful when someone was stuck by either pulling them out or through shoveling
the car out.

Snow covering the 8-Plex parking lot

The City was on top of the task as plows were plowing road
as the snow started. The plows were working late in to the night making sure
that everyone could leave safely. Sidewalks were also being plowed for the
people who still had to go to their classes, although some still had to
traverse through knee deep snow.

One student gave their opinion on the recent snow fall, “I
mean snow is great and all, but if it isn’t going to cancel my classes I don’t
want it. It’s great for kids, but not so much for those who are trying to get
to work and class.” 

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