The Women’s March 2018

Last year on Jan 21, millions of people in pink hats all around the world marched to protest the president-elect. Protestors were also fighting for human rights, among other issues, such as women’s rights, immigration reform, healthcare reform, reproductive rights, the natural environment, LGBTQ rights, racial equality, freedom of religion, and worker s’ rights. I felt helpless as I sat in my room, watching all these inspiring people make a difference while I sat by doing nothing.

This year, feeling ready and Inspired, I attended the women’s march in Sioux Falls along with M.A.S.T and AAUW. I marched with many of my fellow DSU students along Dakota Avenue in Sioux Falls while holding signs and shouting chants. There were so many inspiring people who were united in fighting for human rights. The march started with Mike Huether, Mayor of Sioux Falls, presenting the marchers with a key to the city. We then marched down Dakota Avenue holding our signs high and mighty.

Once we made it to the end of the street, the masses huddled together in the cold listening to insightful words. Speakers urged marchers to vote in the upcoming elections. Laura Renee Chandler, who is an assistant professor at SDSU, spoke to us about the importance of black women in U.S. politics and supporting women in politics. The crowd responded with the chant, “Black Lives Matter.” Jo Loetscher, who is running to be the first female Mayor of Sioux Falls, talked about how she wants to aid in creating a better world for her daughter. Loetscher also spoke about a story her father had told her. He had mentioned that a seed can be sown, but no one can know when the plant will be ready for the harvest. “It’s 2018, it’s time for the harvest.”, claimed Loestcher.

The time to make change is now. The world is turning into a place where no one of minority feels safe. It is important for us to make a better world for the future generation as well as the people currently living in this time. That is what these strong people are fighting for.


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