The Wonders of Poetry in Open Mic Night

On Tues, Apr 10 the public library had an Open Mic Poetry Night, bringing with it some remarkably talented poets. Some people brought in their own work while others read poetry from favorite famous artists. One of the favorites was Billy Collins poems such as “The History Teacher”, “The Snow Day”, and “Another Reason Why I Don’t Keep A Gun in the House”. Other poetry favorites were  Robert Frost’s, “Bids Pretty Fair”, Mary Oliver’s “The Summer Day”, Merrill Glass’ “But You Didn’t”, and Seamus Heaney’s, “Death of a Naturalist”. The poems ranged from somber, such as “But You Didn’t”, to playful and lighthearted such as “Why I Don’t Keep A Gun in the House” and “Death of a Naturalist”.

While most people read poetry from other artists, Dr. John Nelson had brought in a whole booklet of poetry that he had written himself. Many other people brought in some extraordinary pieces of their work as well.

Poetry can be a way to connect with others and express yourself in many ways. In towns ranging from big and small, there are still many people who you can connect with through writing and sharing poetry. At the end of the event, Dr. Nelson passed out books containing poetry to the group. This left us all with a piece of the beauty of poetry for ourselves.


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