surreal photo of staircase

They’re Real People Too

You know that awkward moment when you see your teacher/professor outside of the classroom? And you realize they’re normal people with hobbies too? Well, turns out not only are they normal people but sometimes they do really cool things! Take a look at what these two professors are doing off campus. 

Recently, Professor Thomas Jones received an invitation to submit artworks for the South Dakota Governor’s 8th Biennial Art Exhibition. “This juried traveling exhibition is the premier showcase for artists currently living in the state and is a celebration of the tremendous quality and unique diversity of visual art being produced here and now,” said Prof. Jones. Through out the course of a year, the traveling exhibitions shows artworks from some of the top South Dakota’s artists. Jone’s piece that was chosen to be exhibited is a familiar piece to many DSU faculty and students. The black and white surrealism piece was featured as the cover of DSU Sigma Tau Delta’s 2019 publication of New Tricks, an annual publication of art pieces created by DSU’s finest artists. “This photograph is surreal, has a dream like quality to it. Once the viewer starts to look a little closer, they will find that there is no way out unless they jump over the stair rail,” Jones said about his piece. Please visit the South Dakota Governor’s 9th Biennial Art Exhibition to check out all the artworks.

Another professor killing it in the extracurriculars is Dr. Pat Engebretson. Dr. Engebretson participated in an archery competition at The National Field Archery Association (NFAA), headquartered in Yankton, South Dakota. The NFAA hosts many amateur and professional events each year. 

Dr. Engebretson is the dean of Beacon College and is “deeply passionate about nearly everything technology related” but views this hobby (archery) as “entirely analog”. “All of my equipment is 100% mechanical. No internet, no gadgets, no screens, no interruptions…Being offline (even though it’s only a short time each day) helps to clear my head and relieve stress,” said Dr. Engebretson. 

Not only does Dr. Engebretson find archery as a stress reliever, it’s something that hits close to home- literally. “Our house has a long unfinished basement that allows me to practice out to 25 yards. This means I can enjoy the sport and practice as much as I want without ever leaving my home or family!”