DSU Love Notes (Part II)

What I love about DSU or the community of Madison? Well, that’s a hard question. Can we replace “love” with “like”? Good now we can start with my edition of DSU Love Notes. It’ll be short, I know that and that it’s boring to read some of these things that the Times decided to do. But, you don’t know it can be funny. So let’s get on with my edition!!

Now, what I like about DSU or the community might be the fact that the surroundings are small and that the campus size is not too big. Almost everybody knows everybody here; maybe only on a first name basis. But heck, why not try meeting new folks? The teachers do it all the time with the new students that come in their classrooms. As what Dan wrote before, they know their students pretty well, even if you just had only one class with them. There were some teachers who knew me right away. Not going to name anyone, for I don’t feel like putting them in uncomfortable situation. It’s not just the teachers that also do it, but the lunch ladies and the guys that work in the café. Oh, let’s not forget about the Bookstore peeps, the Student Services guys, and the Heston Hall workers. This is what I like about being in a small campus.

It doesn’t matter if there is a ratio of more boys than girls here. But that you have a good time! Gather your friends or your group and just have a fun time. I always do that with my group of friends. Yeah, you might see that during lunch and dinner times, but don’t judge on us on how we act. We are a bunch of loving folks and help each other when the time is right. We treat ourselves like family, like how all you other guys and gals treat your friends. Those who know what I’m talking about, you know who you are. Keep up the good work.

Featured photo taken from Wikimedia commons

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