Battle of the Bands

Top Shelf Stank Wins Battle of the Bands

Danielle Rowe
DSU Live hosted their annual Battle of the Bands on Friday evening, March 25.

The band Top Shelf Stank won, by taking reign as champions of the Battle of the Bands. Capturing the win, allowed Top Shelf Stank to take home the grand prize money of$500 dollars. During the appearance of the Battle of the Bands, Top Self Stank won a penny war that collected $50, and all proceeds from that went to DSU’s Colleges Against Cancer.

Photo by Rebecca Ziegler. Logan Darsh shows his talent to DSU.

“This was one of the best show’s that DSU Live has hosted.  Each band showcased amazing performances, where any of the bands could have won,” stated president of DSU Live Paul Schipper.

Ultimately, all five bands were unique from one to another, by performing different various types of music, which gave the audience a nice entertaining variety.

Bands- Drummer from broken resolve
Photo by Rebecca Ziegler. The drummer from Broken Resolve rocks out during Battle of the Bands.

In order to qualify to be apart of the battle, 11 bands submitted demo tapes and five were selected. The battle displayed high quality musicianship that put on a great performance for DSU students.

Now that the battle is over, DSU Live plans on putting on another musical performance and open-mic night that is coming soon to DSU!

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