Trojan Football Hopes to Finish Season With a Win

The Dakota State football team will look to finish their season with a win this Saturday against the Presentation Saints. The team will head to Aberdeen, SD to try and end their season on a positive note. With an overall record of 4-5 the Trojans are looking for a win in order to cap off the season and finish with a winning record. 

Photo by Karen Giles.

Last week the Trojans fell to Valley City State University in the final home game of the season. After fumbling the ball on the initial kickoff, the Trojans found themselves down 7-0. They were able to use a touchdown pass from Torren Devericks to Cooper McDermott and a 30-yard field goal by Joshua Snook to lead the game 10-7. That was the only time Dakota State would hold a lead in the game, though. Valley City would score once more before halftime and go into the break up 14-10. Entering the third quarter they would quickly grow their lead to 21-10. The Trojans would try and come back with a Devericks touchdown run but they would never retake the lead falling 30-18. 

It certainly hasn’t been the season that the Trojans were hoping for this year. After going 3-8 last year, the Trojans were hoping to steal a couple more wins and hopefully be in the running for a conference title and have a chance to make a playoff run. However, the Trojan’s season won’t extend beyond next week. After losing to Briar Cliff, Dickinson State, Waldorf, and Valley City twice the Trojans are no longer in the running for a conference title, but that doesn’t mean that this week’s game is pointless. 

According to sophomore quarterback Torren Devericks, defeating Presentation is vital for a cou of different reasons. “This game is especially important to me because I want our seniors to leave the program on a positive note and finish their careers with a win.” Last week the team honored eleven seniors who played their last game on Trojan Field and who will play their final game this week. Most of these eleven seniors spent the last four and five years suiting up for the Trojan football team. “Getting them this win…that would mean a lot,” said Devericks.

Photo by Karen Giles.

Beating Presentation means a lot for another reason as well. Devericks noted that winning this game is important as they head into the off-season. Ending with a win will give the returning players confidence so that they can return next year with a winning mentality. Beating Presentation also helps the team in terms of recruiting. “It’s easier for our coaches to recruit for a team that wins,” stated Devericks. Having that winning record is a big factor when it comes to recruiting future players. When you can promise a kid that he’s coming into a winning program that makes getting that athlete in the door that much easier. 

Going into every week the goal is to win. However, this week is different. No, the Trojans aren’t playing for a conference title, but they are playing for the seniors who will put on their pads one last time. They are playing for their future teammates they hope to welcome in next spring. Lastly, they are playing for themselves. They are playing to prove their worth and to head into the offseason with the taste of winning in their mouths. In the off-season, the goals are rewritten, and the real work begins. Ending with a win makes it that much easier to start with a win next fall.  

Head to Aberdeen this Saturday or tune in live at 1pm to see if the team can get the job done. Trojan nation is cheering for you. Good luck and go Trojans!