Trojan Rhymes: Rubicks Cube

Rubicks Cube

by Andy Meyer


Tempting and unsatisfying,
you are salt water on the tongue.
I am fulfilled by you like a bucket filled with holes.

You yearn, plead, need my attention
for my hands to glide and to hold you.
But you are a game… a puzzle… a trick.
Coy and easy at first, quiet and silently supportive of my efforts.
Each move I believe is well thought out, with good intent.
In your simplicity I see a future, and grander design
every piece is basic, there are others like you
but every part is special, holding significance above all others.
My reward – to see another piece of you, gaining your approval,
getting one step closer to “solving” you, releasing you.
With red – luscious lips, blue – the darkest veins,
yellow – caught sunshine, white – a flash of something pure,
green – a flowing dress, your favorite,
orange – only one of your socks.
You are so beautiful.

Your body, only simple on the outside, but inside
wheels within wheels are turning, slowly and painfully our fate becomes clear.
Each time I get closer to solving you I only make it harder to fulfill you.
Just when I think I’ve made progress,
you turn the other way and I see what I have wrought.
All the time, and effort, the work I have done – undone.
Frantically, I spin you, I dance with you, I care for you.
I perspire, I work, I calculate, I devise.
In fervor, I hold you too tightly
I want to press you against the wall, I want to command you to reveal your secrets.
But you are too delicate, too fragile.
In you I see the mystery of the sphinx, Mona Lisa’s smile.
All I want is you: happy, completed, solved.
But you do not relent. You do not offer aid.
You are smug, you are shy, you play dumb, you self-righteously defy.
So I give up…

I try to soften the blow to my ego.
“Maybe in a few years the universe will bring us together.”
“Maybe in another life when we are both cats.”
Sometimes I miss you.
Sometimes I hate you.
Was all that work for nothing?
It was harmless fun, wasn’t it?
So I go on with my day, I shrug believe it’s just a matter of time…
Til I get that old feeling and haphazardly dive into the game
head over heels, for the rubicks cube.


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