Trojan Times’ Cookbook: Dillon’s Poor Man’s Steak

(Editors Note: The Trojan Times is interested in helping college students to eat affordable meals on a tight budget. We asked our staff to submit some of their favorite cheap and delicious college recipes. If you have some cheap and easy recipes you would like to submit please send them to

– 1lb Ground Beef

– 1/2 Onion

– 1/2 Green Bell Pepper

– Seasoning Salt

– Pepper

– Salt

– Shredded Cheese

– 1-3 Egg (optional)

(Makes 2-3 servings)

Chop onions and peppers into small pieces and mix them thoroughly in a bowl with ground beef. Add salt, seasoning salt, and pepper into meat and vegetable mixture to taste. Once the seasoning and vegetables are mixed with the beef, pat the mixture into a large ball. Turn the stove top onto medium high heat. Place the meat mixture into a pan flattening it out until it covers the bottom of the pan like a large hamburger. Cook on one side until you can see the meat browning all the way to the other side. Flip the patty and cook until it is cooked thoroughly. Add shredded cheese to the top to the steak and enjoy! If you are looking to add something a little extra to your steak, fry and egg and add it to the top of your meal.

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