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Trojan Times Goes Online! Trees Weep in Gratitude!

Nicholas Brosz
As people age, they (usually) mature, and this is equally the case for the Trojan Times. Begun in November of 1892 as The Oyaka, the paper transitioned over time from being The Eastern in 1922 to The Dakota Access in 1995 before settling on being the Trojan Times in 2000. Now, for the first time in over a century, Dakota State University’s newspaper will no longer be printed. But where will students get the latest information about events, advice for surviving college life, and insight into the inner workings of the university, you ask? Don’t worry! New articles will still be written on a regular basis, but now the Trojan Times has passed another stage of maturation: to an entirely electronic format. As of the spring semester, the Trojan Times will be available at
This means that the Trojan Times will no longer be printed in its current biweekly newspaper format. Instead, new articles will be added every few days to make sure that there is always fresh content to enjoy, while also allowing you to look back at past articles, search for information on articles and events, and easily share information with your friends. You can subscribe to their RSS feed, check out the Trojan Times’ Twitter account, post comments on articles, or even submit your own commentary or article leads for possible publishing. Finally, connect to the Trojan Times on Facebook with our new community page, Trojan Times – DSU, where information about new events and articles will be displayed for instant and convenient updates. These exciting changes will turn the Trojan Times from something merely read to an interactive part of the Dakota State University technology experience. The Trojan Times has become, truly, the voice of the students.
While all these new changes are exciting, the Trojan Times has a long history behind it. Thousands of articles have been published in print throughout Dakota State University’s history, and it is important to remember those roots when considering the transition. Dr. Blessinger, advisor for the Trojan Times, says, “One is always pained to see the paper edition of any newspaper disappear, but if ever there was a format that better fits its audience, it’s an internet version of the Trojan Times here at DSU.   We are excited about this new opportunity for conversation on campus — for comments on stories, for easy ways to suggest story ideas, for sharing photos and videos with the DSU community, and simply for more frequent, more dynamic stories about issues important to this campus.”
Dr. Knowlton, President of Dakota State University, says that, “This movement of publication of the Trojan Times online fits with the mission of the university and the incorporation of electronic media as a primary source of information at DSU.  Many of our resources are online and business and industry are moving away from printed material. This new format will give our students the opportunity to work and produce material for this new format.  It is an exciting and appropriate move for Dakota State.”
Danielle Rowe, the Trojan Times’ current Editor-in-Chief, states, “Although print newspaper form has been a legacy, the Trojan Times is ready for a change of scenery that establishes easy access for students. This technology change pushes DSU to the forefront of viral communication, especially since DSU is known as a technology integrated institution. The staff will continue to add flare to separate us from other college newspapers, and appreciates feedback from students.” With the adjustment, the Trojan Times will still accept letters to the editor addressed by any DSU student or faculty member.
With perseverance, the Trojan Times will continue to grow in development by accepting the technological leap to online. Ultimately, the Trojan Times is grateful for the support and readership from DSU students, faculty, and staff.
If there are any questions or concerns please e-mail”
Support the Trojan Times’ maturation to this new format and remember to visit over the vacation. Spread the word to your friends!

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