Trojan Tips: Seven things to do with your last two days of class

Step up your note-taking game. This will be the last time you see all your classmates before the finals. Check and make sure you are not missing any notes.

Leave no (drop) box empty! Make sure you have all your assignments turned in. Sometimes professors may even let you turn in items late. It may not be worth nearly as much, but hey it’s better than a zero.

Verify the time and place of your finals: Some professors have their finals at times other than the one stated on the academic calendar. Some of them don’t have finals at all! Make sure you know where your instructor stands. You don’t want to fail a class just because you went into Room 201 instead of 202.

Connect with your classmates: This may be the last time you have with some of the people in your class. Make sure you depart from them on good terms. You never know when you might run into them again.

Enjoy the walk to class: It’s December 7 and there’s hardly any snow left on the ground. Enjoy this anomaly of nature before the world gets completely thrown out of balance.

Make plans for the break: Think of all the cool stuff you will be doing over break (and maybe some of the less cool stuff as well). The holidays are coming! Enjoy yourselves fully.

Play video games: This is a MUST. Non-negotiable! Don’t ask why