Trojans Can’t Pull Out Homecoming Win; Lose 28-7

The Trojans returned to Madison to take on the Concordia Bulldogs from Nebraska in their annual Homecoming game last Saturday. The Trojans led 7-0 at the half but failed to capitalize on their red zone opportunities. The Bulldogs took advantage of the Trojans’ failure on these opportunities and rallied for a second half comeback to beat the Trojans 28-7. This moved the Trojans to an 0-6 overall record.

In the first quarter, the Trojans were rolling with an empty backfield and two tight ends. The offense failed to score in the opening quarter but early in the second they went on a nine-play, 88-yard touchdown drive, capped off by a 19-yard touchdown run by John Niesen. The Trojans could not capitalize on two opportunities to hit field goals to get some points right before the half.

In the second half, the Trojans continued to move the ball down the field but fumbled the ball on a screen pass and missed another field goal. The defense had a hard time stopping the Bulldogs on third down. The Bulldogs closed this one out with a 28-0 run.

The big difference in this game was the Trojans not being able to punch it in when in the red zone. If they would have scored on all of their red zone trips, this one would have been flipped. The Trojans pretty much dominated every category of the game.

Brandon Large threw for 309 yards with 30 completions on 50 attempts. Bobby Tisch had nine catches for 120 yards. Zach Ely had 9 catches for 99 yards and Carl Curtis added seven for 60 yards.

Eric Liles recorded 13 tackles for the Trojans. Craig Hertz was back from injury and recorded 12 tackles.

The Trojans are at home again next weekend as they take on Hastings College (Nebraska) at 4 P.M.

To the Right, To the Right– Freshman tight end Bobby Risch tries to sidestep the diving tackle attempt in Saturday’s Concordia game. (Photo by Tiffany Sommer)

Featured photo: Freshman wide receiver Nic Behrens tries to lean forward for additional yardage, despite what looks to be a pretty good hit. (Photo taken by Tiffany Sommer)

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