Unlimited Possibilities Student Ad Agency Collaborates Museum Campaign

Courtesy of Professor Linn Nelson: Press Release
DSU’s student club, Unlimited Possibilities Ad Agency, has collaborated with the Smith-Zimmermann Museum to help launch the museum’s 50th anniversary campaign.
The marketing campaign will include a redesign of the museum’s identity symbol and various supportive materials. To create a strong brand, it  was important to communicate both the rich history and the contemporary  relevance of the museum. Linn Nelson, faculty advisor to Unlimited Possibilities, and club president, Megan Pifer, used 19th century letterpress wood type in combination with hand-drawn and digitally manipulated images to convey this message. Nelson designed the marketing materials for the campaign and included students in the process through demonstration and explanation.
Unlimited Possibilities has been researching various forms of traditional image-making including collagraph, screen-printing and historical letterpress techniques, as seen in WWII posters. Students have been encouraged to explore new ways of combining traditional and digital technologies for personal expression and use in commercial based images.
The “do-it-yourself” graphic design movement that started in the early twenty-first century and a market saturated with computer generated images have both inspired an increased interest in physical media such as letterpress and screen printing. In a digital age, handmade type and graphics offer a unique and authentic style. Evidence of the increasing popularity of hand-made graphics in commercial design can be seen throughout the industry.
One of the missions of Unlimited Possibilities is to support marketing efforts throughout campus and non-profit organizations off-campus. UP is also actively involved in AIGA, which is an American professional organization for design. AIGA events offer students additional educational opportunities to hear industry leaders discuss relevant issues relating to all areas of design and advertising.